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Enjoy Beautiful Skin With Natural Skin Care

Why natural skin care?

Because our skin is a natural substance. It responds much better to natural oils and lubricants than it does to cosmetics containing petrochemicals and artificial substances. A natural skin care product will be better absorbed into the skin than one made with, say, mineral oil. The synthetic product contains molecules that are too large to pass through the skin’s outer layer. It doesn’t matter what “magical” ingredients it contains or how pretty the container! If it doesn’t work then it’s a waste of money!

Organic natural skin care

Organic skin care products have literally “come from nature” They use nothing which has not been organically grown or produced. These are not easy to come by as most natural skin care products contain a small amount preservative. Otherwise they simply would not be able to be sold in a shop – even a health store! A true organic skin and hair care product would deteriorate very fast and need to be kept in the fridge. Hardly practical in this day and age!

Does natural skin care need to be expensive?

In a word – No. You can have beautiful skin on a budget. There are wonderful natural skin care products available these days which will keep your skin looking smooth and young. Of course you can achieve the same results from buying expensive natural products, but…. why would you?

I have used natural skin care for most of my life. In the early days because I had no money to buy expensive cosmetics. I can remember looking wistfully through a glass counter (this was the 1980s)at a jar of “neck cream”. For some reason I believed the skin on my neck was different to the rest of my face and if I didn’t get this “neck cream”, my neck would self destruct into a cobweb of circles and wrinkles!

There have been significant breakthroughs in the cosmetic world since then and there are certain products which claim to reverse aging. These products are called “cosmeceuticals”, a combination of cosmetics and science. It’s not my aim to promote or even speculate on these products – save to say they are very expensive. Who do you think is paying for all the research? (not to mention the pretty packaging!)

Natural skin care starts from the inside

What we eat and how we treat our bodies is the foundation of good health and glowing skin. Feed your skin from the inside, protect it from the elements and use a natural skin or hair care product. That’s the secret to having younger looking skin and beautiful hair for life. Oh! and you won’t have to sell the farm! We recommend premium quality skin care products from a natural skin care company that are very reasonably priced (you’ll be surprised).

Save money by embracing the natural healthy approach to skincare.

These days we all want to save money. How do you know if the skin care product you are about to buy will really work? More importantly can you be sure it doesn’t contain ingredients that may actually harm your skin? Or worse, your health? Is it possible to have great young looking skin and actually save money? Well yes you can!

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