Acne Free in 3 Days — A Review

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I get a lot of people asking me if Acne Free in 3 Days is for real, so I decided to buy it and test it out on Erin, a young friend of mine. The only thing that worried me was would Erin follow the instructions?

Turns out Erin was so depressed about her acne that she was ready to try “Absolutely Anything” to get rid of it! Acne is not a good look for a young girl and Erin was worried about scarring which might remain permanently after the acne had finally gone.

Acne in three days is written by a former acne sufferer who spent thousands of dollars over 10 years researching the condition and visiting top dermatologists. Also the cure he finally discovered is a natural holistic way to cure the condition. Chris doesn’t explain why this system work, he just tells you what to do. I would have liked to see some explanation of how his system works.

acne free in 3 days

acne free in 3 days

This book is certainly not a work of fine literature, it merely tells you how to get rid of acne. The 3 days did seem a bit unrealistic to me because I know skin cells don’t turn over that fast but…

I resisted the temptation to contact Erin for a whole 3 days. I went to see her on the fourth day.

Had Erin’s acne disappeared in 3 days??? No it hadn’t. However her skin was looking a lot better!Had Erin followed the instructions? Most of the time it appears she had. I was pleasantly surprised at the result. As for Erin she was over the moon! Yes there were still a few remaining pimples, but anyone could see the difference and her skin continued to improve each day from then on. Even better Erin would have some money to spend now as she wouldn’t have to waste all her allowance on so called acne cures that only worked for the short term if at all!

So based on this experiment I would have to say that “Acne Free in 3 Days” does work, only just not as fast as it says! (It actually took 10 days) Will it work for everyone? I don’t know. You do have to follow the instructions pretty closely to make it work.

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