Anti Aging Skincare Treatment

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Anti aging skincare treatment- hype in a bottle?

anti aging skin care treatment

What really causes the skin to age and is there anything we can do about it? Does anything we do really have an effect on our skin? Does anti aging skincare treatment actually work?

First let’s have a look at what we can’t change…

Our genes control how fast our organs age — this includes our skin. This is pre-programmed and there’s nothing we can do to influence that, however…

It doesn’t matter because our genes are only a small part of the aging story, there’s so much we can do to keep outselves feeling and looking young — read on…

The key to anti aging skincare treatment

Diet ~ This is where we have a lot of control. Don’t worry, eating a good diet is simple. Avoid processed “nuritionally empty” foods and eat more brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. The brighter the color, the more anti-oxidants they contain and anti-oxidants are the secret to preserving your youth — and your skin.

Drink plenty of water and eat enough lean protein. There, that was easy wasn’t it?

Keep the sun off your face ~ We need some sun to manufacture Vitamin D in our bodies but keep it off your face. Wear a natural 30+ sunscreen every day.

Exercise ~ Why is this good for your skin? Exercise increases your circulation and brings nutrients to all the small blood vessels in the skin. You’ll look invigorated and healthy, never old!

Anti aging skincare treatment – avoiding the hype

Skin care ~ If you’re anything like me you’ve become completely jaded with all the miraculous claims made by the big skin care companies when it comes to aging skin care products. Most of the high tech ingredients contained in these creams will never make it into your skin as the molecules are too large to pass through the dermis. I remember feeling very liberated when I found that out (and also rather upset that I’d been wasting money for so long).

In fact our skin responds better to a simple application of a nut or vegetable oil simply because it is completely absorbed.

Luckily natural skin care has progressed beyond just preserving the skin to actively improving it. Aging skin isn’t just about wrinkles, it’s also sagging skin, dry rough skin and dark undereye circles. I’ve found an anti aging skincare treatment  that will address all these as well as keeping my skin hydrated and increasing cell turnover and elasticiy, vital for younger looking skin.

anti aging skincare treatment

By far the best anti aging skincare treatment around today

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