Eczema: Can it Be Cured Naturally?

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Are There Any Natural Remedies For Eczema?

Eczema – sometimes called dermatitis – is a itchy allergic reaction of the skin, usually on the face, arms or legs. Scratching can lead to an angry red rash which both itches and burns.

As with all allergies, it’s easier to control eczema it than it is to cure it. If you’re susceptible to allergic reactions, this can be a challenge.

What’s the cause of eczema?

Some of us are prone to allergies and these are the unlucky ones who usually develop eczema. It can occur just once or can be with us for life. It affects all ages and ethnic groups.

The main cause of eczema is our immune system triggering an allergic reaction when certain substances come in contact with the skin. Although allergists can test for these, sometimes the offending substance can’t be isolated.

Try and figure out yourself what’s causing the allergic reaction. Look at your soap powder, soap, make up or anything else that comes in contact with your skin. Don’t use scented soaps and have short showers rather than baths. Make sure the water’s not too hot.

Wear soft cotton next to your skin. Avoid any clothing that may irritate or underwear than makes you sweat. Nylon and polyester trap the heat and moisture in the skin and can lead to an outbreak. Try to keep your skin clean and dry.

Which foods cause eczema?

Actually no foods can cause eczema by themselves. Improving your diet will improve your general health and your immune system which will probably have a positive effect on the disease. A raw food diet has sometimes completely eliminated eczema in some people, but may be too extreme for most of us. However including vegetable juices in your diet and eating less meat and dairy has shown to help people with allergies.

Omega 3 oils added to the diet can be extremely beneficial. Natural sources of these are oily fish and flax seeds (linseed). Take extra supplements if necessary as they have many health benefits.

Drink plenty of water as this can help flush toxins out of the body.

Intolerance to lactose in cow’s milk can cause baby eczema. If you think this may be a problem with your baby, please see your doctor before making any changes in his feeding. There are alternatives to cow’s milk which is a good way to treat infant eczema, but this should be done under medical supervision especially if your baby is very young and not yet on solid foods.

Natural remedies for eczema can be as simple as avoiding the known triggers for this disease. Stress can sometimes cause allergic reaction in the body, this include both physical and emotional stress. Try relaxation techniques and, if possible, avoid situation that cause you a lot of anxiety.

Doctors usually prescribe steroid creams or antihistamines. While these can be effective they just mask the symptoms without really addressing the underlying problem. Oral steroids are sometimes prescribed for severe case but can have severe side effects. However please seek medical attention if you’re a diabetic or if a rash becomes infected.

Natural skin care products for eczema

Coal tar is a good alternative remedy. Simply apply to the affected area.

You can also try Witch Hazel or Chamomile. Both these have soothing effect on the skin. However these won’t cure the underlying cause of eczema.

If you want to buy eczema cream that gets to the root of the problem, I would advise ClearSkin E-Cream. ClearSkin contains no animal products, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is made from completely natural herbal and naturopathic ingredients ClearSkin E-Cream works immediately to banish eczema from your life

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