Dry Skin Care

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Dry skin care and finding the best moisturizer for dry skin

Dry skin care is vital if you want to retain that moist dewy look of youth. Dry skin is characterised by a tight feeling especially on the face. Dry itchy skin may be a sign of dermatitis eczema or an allergy to a chemical in a cosmetic.

Dry skin has small pores and usually a fine texture but can be prone to wrinkles if not cared for properly. It is best tackled with a three pronged approach; applying the right products, eating the right diet and using dry skin remedies that work.

Older people generally have dry skin as production our natural moisturizer – sebum – slows down as we age. However many younger people have dry or combination skins of which the outside of the face is dry and the centre panel normal or oily.

Your genetic code controls your skin type. People living in a tropical climate suffer less with this complaint as the humid air contains a lot of moisture which is absorbed by the skin and helps to hydrate it.

Winter is hard on dry skins, cold air has low humidity and the heating we use in our homes dries skin out even further. A large bowl of water placed in a room will evaporate slowly and help to humidify the air somewhat, or you can buy a humidifier which do the same thing a bit more efficiently.

Dry skin care treatment

Exposure to the elements can dry out the skin, particularly exposure to the sun. Applying sun block and wearing a hat can help here. Washing the face with soap dries it out, even the mild ones that claim to have moisturizers in them! It’s best to avoid soap on your face completely.

A good sunblock protects dry skin from free radicals and daily UV damage. Dry skin is prone to damage from the elements so make sure you don’t go out without applying a 15 + sunblock to your face even on cloudy days.

Washing your skin too vigorously can dry what little oil it has and cause it to dry out further. Even people with oily skin can suffer with dehydrated skin if they wash with harsh soap and hot water. Always use tepid water on your face, never hot, and pat dry with a soft towel.

Skin reflects the food we put in our bodies. A diet lacking in essential nutrients will show on the face as dullness, a rough texture, possible broken veins, excessive dryness or oiliness and a sallow complexion.

Make sure your diet contains all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal skin health. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is great for skin as well as the health and well being of your whole body.

Healthy fats (Omega 3) are a good part of the diet for dry skin, these can be found in nuts, avocados, cold pressed vegetable oils and oily fish – pass on the pork crackling, too much butter and bacon fat etc! Drink plenty of water as this will hydrate the skin.

Dry skin loves as much moisture as you can give it. Unfortunately the moisturizers that work the best are barrier creams which simply are not practical for daily use. Toners for dry skin are okay but check that they don’t contain alcohol which will further dry the skin.

Dry skin care products

When you have dry skin, you want to make sure any product you apply will be absorbed completely. A lot of moisturizers contain mineral oil which has larger molecular structure than natural oils. Mineral oil will mostly sit on the surface of the skin and attract dirt so it’s best to read the label of any product before buying it. The best moisturizer for dry skin is a product with no chemical emulsifiers (not easy!) and no harsh preservatives (even harder!)

Night time is the time your skin restores and regenerates. Use a rich cream or serum that is instantly absorbed deeply into the skin. There are good inexpensive ones available. You don’t have to spend $$$$ for quality skin care!

Ultra rich anti aging facial treatment serum delivers intensive care for dry, dull, mature, wrinkled and aging skin. This potent dry skin treatment works below the surface of the skin all night to plump out, hydrate and soften facial skin.

Another dry skin care  treat is a luxurious facial massage using some of nature’s most beautiful products, essential oils.

Be careful when massaging to keep the movement gentle, don’t pull or stretch the skin. After the massage, the skin can be steamed over a bowl of warm water to open the pores and help the oil to be absorbed. There are several oils suitable for dry skin, they are easily absorbed unlike the mineral oils. Heaven!

So look after your dry skin with the right dry skin care and your skin can indeed be beautiful!

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