Advantages Of Hyaluronic Acid In Skin Care Creams And Supplements

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In the last few decades the skin therapy industry has benefited from some amazing laboratory research along with the result of long-term studies. This has provided both dermatologists and cosmetics companies with a number of new and promising organic ingredients, which are safer and better than traditional chemically based cosmetics. When it comes to beauty care, hyaluronic acid (also called hyaluronan) is one of those success stories.

First studied in the 1930s, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule found in every part of the body, with the majority being in the epithelial cells of the skin. It is also concentrated in the connecting tissues of our joints, and our neural tissues. Hyaluronic acid is also crucial at the cellular level, where is plays a big part in the repair and replacing of old cells. Actually the average young person has something like 15 to 20 grams of natural hyaluronic acid!

Hyaluronan is crucial to us as it acts as a natural lubricant, moisturizer, and healer. In fact , it is capable of absorbing almost 1000 times its weight in water! In the skin, it acts as a natural filler, keeping the skin smooth, soft, and plump. Hyaluronan also helps with tissue repair by filling in injured skin cells and promoting healthy new cells. This is why babies are less vulnerable to scars, since they have higher concentrations of hyaluronic acid in comparison to older children or adults. In connecting tissues, hyaluronic acid works as a lubricant for all our joints.

However , levels of hyaluronic acid keep changing on an everyday basis. An average person will lose something like one-third of her hyaluronic acid each day. The amount of natural hyaluronan in our skin is also affected by overexposure to harmful UV radiation in daylight. In healthy, younger people, this loss is quickly replenished with fresh hyaluronan. With age, levels of hyaluronic acid fall, making the skin lose its natural moisturie and flexibility. This is a leading reason which explains why we tend to develop delicate lines and wrinkles commencing a little after the age of thirty.

Today, hyaluronic acid is utlilized in a selection of skin products and supplements. In the form of a lotion, serum, or gel, hyaluronan can provide excellent moisturising benefits, keeping the skin soft, hydrated, and supple. Since hyaluronic acid can seek out and destroy oxidizing agents (free radicals), a topical product can help reduce skin damage caused by getting exposed to sunlight or pollution. A high quality product with a good concentration of hyaluronic acid can work as a wrinkle reducer by helping repair the damaged area and promoting vibrant skin cells.

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has approved certain hyaluronan-based products on soft tissue defects. This includes wrinkle repair products as well as scar healers. Other FDA-approved products are designed specifically for use on the lips, where the hyaluronan works alongside collagen to make lips look plumper and reduce age lines.

Oral supplements containing hyaluronic acid also offer a variety of skin treatment and health benefits. They help to boost natural levels of hyaluronan, which helps with cell healing and replacement of old cells, keeping the body youthful and healthy. Oral hyaluronan can also increase the hydration of our skin, working as a moisturizer and wrinkle repairer.

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